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在马拉喀什典型的摩洛哥风味餐厅用餐会是一段迷人的时光,席间还会有安达卢西亚音乐三人组的陪伴。我们的摩洛哥风味餐厅是一曲对摩洛哥热情好客之传统的颂歌。在如梦般而热烈氛围中,宾客会感到宾至如归。摩洛哥本地家常菜在主厨拉希德·阿古拉伊(Rachid Agouray)手中得以发扬光大。他出色的捕捉了摩洛哥精致考究的传统菜肴蕴含的所有微妙之处和缤纷色彩。作为头盘的精选前菜呈于眼前,花园自产的香料和蔬菜成为了吸引感官的焦点。作为主菜,塔吉锅(tajine)和古斯古斯粗麦粉(couscous)自然必不可少,并让现场气氛友好而热烈。宾客落座厚厚的天鹅绒长凳,在柔和幽暗的灯光下用餐,体验传统摩洛哥的传奇故事。






Selection of Moroccan salads


Chicken “chorba” soup with vegetables


Pigeon pastilla with almonds


Fish pastilla with vermicelli


Assortment of Briouats, eggplant and fresh mint



Sea bass tagine with fennel and green olives


Marinated monkfish tagine, baby potatoes and tomatoes confit


Turbot tagine with dates from Tafilalet, small onions and carrots with verbena


King prawn with “charmoula”, mashed potato with chili



“R’hamna” free range chicken tagine, olives and lemon confit


Rabbit tagine with honey, artichokes and caramelized pear


Traditional minced beef tagine with soft egg


Lamb tagine with seasonal vegetables


Lamb tagine with prunes and almonds


Pressed veal shank tagine, with tomatoes confit and onion, “makfoul”


Stuffed garden vegetables tagine, carrot coulis with marjoram



Chicken couscous with carrots, onions and raisins “tfaya”


Lamb couscous with seven vegetables


Royal couscous, lamb, kefta, merguez



Lamb shoulder confit (for 2)


Lamb tangia Marrakchia


Couscous with fish and green vegetables


Mamounia mixed grill, chicken, kefta, merguez, lamb, tomatoes, grilled onions



Creamy mushroom soup


Sliced pork or turkey ham with condiments


Caprese salad, tomato and mozzarella

Clubs, toasties & sandwiches


Chicken club, tomato, lettuce, egg, mayonnaise


Cheese, pork or turkey ham toastie


Burger or Cheeseburger, lettuce and garden tomatoes



Spaghetti “Mamounia” with Corbara tomato


Macaroni gratin with cream and parmesan cheese


Beef lasagna with tomato sauce from corbara

Main courses


Grilled beef filet from Doukkala


Chicken nuggets


Grilled salmon steak from the Atlantic
“a la plancha”


Fried fish fingers with tartar sauce



Crepes or waffles, with whipped cream, raspberries


Ice cream or sorbet with caramel popcorn


Seasonal sliced fruit





Moroccan pastries


Crème brûlée with caramelized cinnamon and brown sugar, crispy arlette biscuits


Rich pistachio cream, our own pistachio praline, caramelized pistachios, pistachio shortbread pastry, infinitely pistachio ice cream


Pastilla dough, mascarpone cream flavoured with orange blossom, smooth honey, lemon cream, candied orange and coulis


Pastilla dough, almonds, honey, lemon, amlou ice cream


Crème brûlée with gingerbread, tender fruit and dates with tea, lemon gelée


Corne de gazelle Mamounia


Traditional pastilla, milk and orange blossom




意式风味餐厅 L’Italien par Jean-Georges


池畔餐厅 Le Pavillon de la Piscine


亚洲风味餐厅 L’Asiatique par Jean-Georges


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