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La Mamounia 土耳其浴:一场难忘的体验


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我们的招牌土耳其浴疗法包括“皇家浴”(Royal )、“拉玛穆尼亚浴”(La Mamounia)和“桃源浴”(Evasion),可令您畅享护理师的专业手法和本地顶级天然成分。




It prepares the skin for exfoliation while releasing delicate notes of eucalyptus and suave neroli. With the help of a kessa glove, a deep cleansing of the skin is carried out, thus ridding the epidermis of its impurities in order to promote cell renewal and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, a body mask called ghassoul coats your body.



A native of the valleys of the Middle Atlas, this powder, full of neroli and eucalyptus essences, sanitizes the epidermis, regenerates your skin with mineral salts and oligo-elements, bringing an intense feeling of purity. To close this ritual, a La Mamounia massage transports you with finesse, embellishes your skin and provides an intense feeling of relaxation.



A ghassoul body wrap, a naturally purifying and stimulating powder, is applied all over the body and provides an intense feeling of lightness. By closing your eyes you will prolong this experience and enjoy the note of eucalyptus along its entire length. A traditional ancestral ritual, borrowing from gentleness and benevolence.



The Kessa glove paired with the exfoliating amber honey paste for an ultra-purifying scrub. Followed by a delicate soaping with an orange blossom shower milk. A journey into the heart of traditional Moroccan gestures.


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